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Taking Flight

Inspired by interviews, workshop trainings, and advice from talented artists of companies such as REPLAY Theatre Company (Ireland), Spellbound Theater (NY), Trusty Sidekick (NY) and Oily Cart (England), Taking Flight reflects our own path to discovering how to create a beautiful piece of multi-sensory theatre.


Meant for audiences ages 2-5 and their caregivers, our story invites its viewers to discover how it feels to have the word at your fingertips. Using physical theatre, interavtive sensory experiences qnd oringinal music by New York composerJonathan Brenner, this show will empower families to join the performers as they embark on an incredible journey.

Little Busy Bee  and The Sixth Borough

Formerly known as Family Arts Saturday, this year the Harlem Children's Fesitval will present two original pieces of theatre for young audiences written by City College Masters in Educational Theatre students.


Little Busy Bee was a piece of theatre co written by myself and Kim Ceccotti for young children that teaches them the importance of bees through puppets and songs.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight, the orignal peice developed by my thesis group was invited by Anna Newell of Replay Theatre to present at BabyDay, the first ever international Baby Theatre conference in Belfast this spring!


Take a look at some of the pictures from this fabulous experience!



To see more or discuss possible work let's talk >>

Thesis Project

Harlem Children's Festival


Belfast, Ireland

Fall 2015


DreamBox Theatre


DreamBox Theatre

Currently, I am working with Jessica Espinoza, the founder of DreamBox Theatre to create new theatre programs for very young children.


DreamBox already has amazing programs for older children, but has yet to create programs for children ages 0-5. I am thrilled that Jessica has asked me to head the development of these programs and look forward to seeing her theatre grow!



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