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Do Not Pass Go- Board Game Bonanza

Students in grades K-2 learned about acting as we brought Monopoly; Battleship; Hungry, Hungry Hippos; Candy Land and other favorite board games to life!

Miss Bindergarten's Kindergarten

I loved performing in this high-engery play! I enjoyed the challenge of playing various roles including Brenda the Beaver, Ophelia the Otter and above all Sarah the Squirrel.


The cast and I also had the amazing privledge to meet the author of the Bindergarten series!


Be Harry Potter's Classmate at Hogwarts

Students in grade 1-3 created their own wizard/witch Hogwarts student character and enjoyed different classes such as: potions, wand buiding, wand duels, wizard history, Muggles: 101 and more!




There have been so many classes, projects and plays that I have loved being a part of over the years. Take a look below to see some of my favorites!

In-School Residencies: Native Americans, The Civil War, The American Revolution

In-School residencies are one of my favorite things to do. Working with the classroom teacher, I would go into the classroom and use theatre to bring their curriculums and lessons to life. Some of the lessons I facilitated were on The Revolutionary War, The Civil War and  Native Americans.


Star Wars: Jedi Knight Academy

Students in grades 1-3 created their own Jedi Knight student of the Jedi Academy and enjoyed different classes such as: light saber making, creating scenes and new worlds and practicing their Jedi mindtricks!


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